What is the

"First Football School"?

First Football School is the first private children's football school of the European level in Yekaterinburg

Entry for trial training

First Football School


Playing football gives children great prospects who are not able to give any other sport

English for Football

Familiarity with the football lexicon is able to lay the good foundation to achieve the subtleties of the language in this area

Training session

Summer camp is a great opportunity for a child to see other cities and discover new countries

Relationships at school

Warm relations and mutual respect between children and coaches form the child's number of positive qualities

About us

English football school "First Football School" was created in 2015 and is the first school of European football, which holds its training in English for children from 3 years.

 "FFS" is the English methods of training for children of preschool and school level.

 "FFS" is a football school that produces not only field players but also prepares goalkeepers.

"FFS" is a unique opportunity to practice in leading football camps in England, such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal .

"First Football School" licensed school football, which is successfully providing training to more than 100 children from 3 to 14 years!